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Family Meal Planner
Family Meal Planner
Family Meal Planner

Family Meal Planner

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Meal Prep with Ast + CO 

We know life is hectic enough as it is but throw in cooking for kids and it's yet  another level of management! We find it so much easier to plan and organise as much as possible so that the pressure of thinking about what's going to end up on the table every day doesn't get to us!

Personally I use Saturday nights (raging, yes I know) as a time to plan out the week's flexible breakfast lunch and dinners for all of us as a family and Sunday to stock up so that I don't buy aimlessly through the week. Meal prep saves you from spending more money, wastage food (pet hate!) and my favourite, feeling slightly more in control when there's a mad unexpected rush or challenging day.

I even save money at the end of the week because I have not purchased food I didn't get to cook. See how the chaos is more organised - with just a little meal planning?!

This meal planner is ideal for listing and making shopping lists that can be removed and added to your bag!


• 50 pages

• 210 x 148mm

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